I’m about to have a nervous breakdown
My head really hurts

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Abandoned factory. Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania.
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Q: I have reddish brown hair with bangs. Grey eyes that take up half my face, and the smallest mouth known to mankind. I am 5'3 ish and my skin looks like I've never seen the sun. 18, I prefer 90's rock. Love black sabbath and ratm. Tattoos and lots of dresses. Good day sir👾

I’ve actually never heard of anybody having grey eyes before. That’s really cool! I always love oddities :D And there’s nothing wrong with being short and pale because I’m tall and pale lol. You like Rage? Very niiice. And I’d love to hear about your tattoos!

Totally datable :)

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up too late drinking beer and singing rise against by myself

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Well it’s after 3:30am so here is something you don’t usually see on my blog. Myself.

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

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